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by Jill

The National Coach Academy is proud to recommend Coach Training Alliance as the best life coach certification program on the market. CTA often distributes coupon codes to attendees of their free “Becoming a Certified Coach Workshop.”

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Let’s talk a little bit about what makes CTA such a valuable program for anyone looking to become a certified life coach.


The most important information you need before considering any coaching program is an understanding of the foundational skills you’ll learn in the course. CTA’s ICF accredited course boasts a comprehensive learning experience designed to teach you the basics of habit change and coaching at its core. Your foundational experience learning will include basic coaching techniques such as building authenticity and rapport with your clients. Then, you’ll learn more interpersonal judgment skills such as maximizing efforts from both the client and coach roles, or how to stay with high ethical standards as you coach. You will learn the hard skills for developing habit change, such as motivational interviewing and experiential exercises. Finally, you will master your coaching identity by articulating and creating a program your clients can’t resist.

Two powerful program sections included in this course are the business and marketing mastery lessons. As a new coach, you likely are unsure of how to land your first client or how to open a successful small business. With CTA’s mastery lessons, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions and practice sessions to help you build the coaching brand that attracts your loyal client base. Honing these marketing skills will set you apart from the competition and offer your clients the best service possible, from their first interaction with you until their successful habit change victory. You will also receive critical tools to help your business thrive, such as resources to help you communicate electronically with clients, perform your coaching with legal integrity, and even interacting with your clients’ friends and family. CTA’s business and marketing lessons are perfect for the aspiring life coach who needs the skills to open a successful private practice along with their new coaching foundations.

Program Delivery

CTA’s program delivery methods are diverse and flexible for most student lifestyles.

Most of the program curriculum is delivered through online live sessions (60-90 minutes), where expert instructors teach the core foundations of coaching. You can also expect interactive software designed to help you retain and apply each lesson with practice on your own time. If accountability is a challenge for you, you will be supported by a self-study program that provides you with actionable weekly goals to stay on track of your program progress and take the steps you need to build your coaching practice.

CTA also boasts interactive group coaching sessions, with small classes of 10-15 people to ensure the most value from discussions and student questions. You will also have access to a Mentor Coach who is available to answer questions and provide feedback on the coaching techniques you practice along the way. These interactive experiences are crucial to your future success as a coach, which relies on your interpersonal skills and structured conversation. Each group session and self-study option support the trademarked Coach Training Accelerator, which is your comprehensive curriculum designed to help you succeed in coaching, business, and marketing.

Tuition and Logistics

The course investment for CTA is $3,147, a sensible and affordable option compared to other programs, which can reach the $10,000 mark. This tuition covers each aspect of the Coach Training Accelerator program including live sessions, your training software, and each live coaching or mentoring session. You can also retain access to your coaching materials after graduation for easy access in your new practice. You can expect to complete your certification program in six months, with no delays in graduation. As long as you successfully complete 80% or more of the assignments, you will receive branded CTA graduation certificates and be part of its alumni directory where you can begin promoting your business.

The comprehensive and affordable CTA program is perfect if you are a new coach looking to master the foundations of successful habit change and business operations in a flexible learning style. Consider the interactive and diverse curriculum delivery as your main driver of future success, with the kick start your new business needs with CTA’s support upon graduation. Challenge yourself to enroll in one of the most well-regarded coaching certification schools to truly master your coaching techniques and start your practice on the right note.

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