What are the Best Fast Track Life Coach Certification Courses?

by Jill

Becoming a life coach is easier than ever with certification programs that work with your busy lifestyle no matter where you are in your career. Life coaching is a perfect addition to your current role or can be a fulfilling step forward if you are ready for what’s next. To become a practicing life coach, all you need is a certification earned through a program accredited by the International Coach Federation.

These certification programs will prepare you for creating real change in your clients so they can build the best lifestyles for themselves. If you are excited about becoming a life coach but have reservations about the amount of time you can spend on a program, consider a fast-track certification. These accelerated life coaching certifications teach you all the necessary skills while accommodating your learning schedule with flexibility. Consider the following programs if you are ready to become certified at your own accelerated pace.

Coach Training Alliance Accelerator (CTA)

If you’re interested in a fast track life coach certification that doesn’t break the bank, the Coach Training Accelerator program offered by Coach Training Alliance is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

The Accelerator program is perfect for the new life coach who wants to begin making money while completing an accelerated program. This self-study course is composed of 20 online lessons, 5 multimedia training modules, and 3 bonus self-paced interactive courses. You’ll receive a companion guide tailored to help you grow professionally after your course is completed along with the option to enroll in a separate CTA Coach Training Accelerator program. You will also benefit from lifetime access to the CTA community of thousands of practicing coaches to connect with and mentor you.

With the Accelerator program, you will benefit from extensive coaching client tools, resource libraries, and a 10 day money back guarantee for success. The CTA membership program lets you access a multimedia approach to online learning with the structure you need to master coaching foundations.

When you are ready to continue mastering your craft, you can learn through courses such as the 8-week Fill Your Coaching Practice course which teaches you how to make money right away through advanced marketing techniques. The shortcuts and lessons by example using real life coaching scenarios will help you succeed as a life coach in this accelerated program without sacrificing the quality of your education.

Investment: $299

CoachU Core Essentials Fast Track Program (CEFTP)

CoachU offers an in-person certification program with immersive learning styles granting you an Associated Certified Credential with the International Coach Federation. This Essentials program covers 77 hours of foundational learning styles and coaching methods that are considered the basics of their main coach training program. The approach to learning for this CoachU course is largely experiential, with mock sessions and personalized feedback available if you are struggling to develop your voice as a coach.

You can expect to attend six days of in-person lessons along with group projects, practice client coaching hours, and online exams. You will also complete a telecourse designed to help brand yourself as a coaching professional, which is helpful for new coaches with little marketing experience. This course will also teach you how to deliver outside assessments to support your clients’ growth.

You will benefit from this experience if you prefer in-person lessons and group learning and are looking for a quick deep-dive into your new coaching career.

Investment: $4595-$5095

Coach Training Institute Co-Active Fast Track Option (CTI)

Completing the core courses for CTI generally takes five months to complete, but their Fast Track program allows students to complete core work in two months instead. This is done through five in-person sessions and can be followed by the optional full certification program, which takes a total of 9 months to earn if done with the Fast Track program. The benefit of this approach to certification allows you to experience the core techniques of coaching before deciding if you are ready to commit to a full certification.

Each segment of this core program focuses on one aspect of coaching: Fundamentals, Fulfillment, Balance, Process, and Sunergy. This program completes the CTI trademarked Co-Active coaching skills fundamentals, which can be applied whether you are a certified life coach or not. If you do not yet have a coaching certification, you can expand on this by enrolling in the CTI Certified Professional Coach Pathway in conjunction with your Fast Track program.

CTI does an effective job of extracting the basic techniques you need to create behavior change for their core program, making it a foundational first step to a new coaching career.

Investment: $5,905-11,140 based on program package.


All in all, if you’re looking for the most comprehensive fast-track coaching certification program, the Accelerator program offered by Coach Training Alliance will give you the most value for your investment.

Not only does the program include your professional certification, your membership experience and learning can still feel flexible and at your own pace. You can benefit from access to thousands of fellow coaches in the CTA community and move on fluidly for continuing education programs to further your career after learning the fundamentals.

The fast-track membership program also comes with bonus books (valued at hundreds of dollars) to enhance your coach training experience. The three bonus self-paced interactive courses are also worth over $560, making your almost $20/month investment seem like a steal. Lastly, the expert mentor coaches available to support you are nearly impossible to find in any other program.

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