TRIESSENCE Coaching: Our Comprehensive Review

by Jill

What is ‘TRIESSENCE’? ‘Tri’ stands for three. Essence means one’s core energy and substance. This is a very apt name for TRIESSENCE Life Coaching because this coaching service is quite distinct from the bulk of other life coaching providers in the marketplace. Although most life coaching services tend to focus on technical or practical techniques to excel in one’s career, achieve peak performance in business, or resolve issues in one’s personal relationships, TRIESSENCE Life Coaching focuses on the three core areas of the human condition: physical, mental, and spiritual. TRIESSENCE Life Coaching is a holistic service provider.

By focusing on the three essences that make up human experience and the human condition, TRIESSENCE Life Coaching aims to produce a deep and integrated set of solutions that clients can benefit from. This is worth paying attention to because there is no hard and fast divide separating mind from body, body from spirit, and spirit from mind. They all flow into each other. They all effect each other. TRIESSENCE Life Coaching’s holistic approach is quite refreshing because it enables clients to address their problems, not just in terms of practical or physical issues but from all angles. This produces a more sustainable and definitely more cohesive set of practical life coaching solutions.

Professional Background of TRIESSENCE Life Coaching

The person behind TRIESSENCE Life Coaching is Tessa Todd, a professional yoga instructor and life coach. A graduate of the University of Texas Dallas, she has had many years of experience as a consultant, trainer, and speaker. Whether speaking to crowds or providing one on one consulting, providing yoga instruction, or coaching, Tessa’s years of experience and passion for helping people shine through.

Service Offerings by TRIESSENCE Life Coaching

This company offers Spiritual coaching, which involves tapping into your conception of forces larger than yourself. This primarily takes the form of mindfulness training or meditation. TRIESSENCE Life Coaching also offers life coaching services that help people identify stumbling blocks to their performance and identify solutions in a clear and guided manner. Finally, this service also offers support for clients’ physical essence through yoga instruction.


From feeling unstuck and regaining a sense of momentum in your career or business to a new perspective on your relationships to a deep sense of mental and physical relaxation, TRIESSENCE Life Coaching offers services that impact all 3 core essences of the human experience: physical, spiritual, and mental. Whether you are looking for simple stress relief or you need a push to start making bigger and bolder moves with your life, TRIESSENCE Life Coaching can help you clear the mental, physical, and spiritual clutter you might be grappling with.

Testimonial for TRIESSENCE Life Coaching

“Feeling stuck? Tessa Todd helps people move forward in a graceful and meaningful way. Her grounded and caring nature are the qualities I enjoy most about her.”

Vince Poscente – New York Times Bestselling Author and Olympian

Cost of TRIESSENCE Life Coaching Services

$100 per one hour session or $850 for a package of ten pre-paid 1 hour sessions.


A human being is like a balloon. When you push on one part of a balloon, another part swells up. All sides of the balloon are interconnected. The same goes with human beings. There are no hard and fast, neatly drawn lines in our lives that separate and seal off our mental, spiritual, and physical selves. What impacts one, impacts the others. The ‘TRIESSENCE’ specialization of TRIESSENCE Life Coaching is grounded on this realization and can help clients feel more complete, in addition to being more energized, less stressed, and more grounded.

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