Marissa’s Well-being and Health, Health Coaching Service: Our Comprehensive Review

by Jill

If you are a busy modern woman, you probably don’t have enough time for yourself. A high-stress schedule makes it easy to live on junk food, take out or skipped meals. Whether you are a professional who is established in her career, a recent graduate, or you’re still in college, you can use a more balanced lifestyle that enables you to become healthier, look better, and feel better.

Marissa’s Well-being and Health Health Coaching Services focuses on the specific health and wellness needs of today’s modern woman so they don’t feel worn out by their daily routines. One of the biggest challenges many women face is the popularity of fad diets and weight loss programs and systems. With so many weight loss options, it’s hard to know what’s best for you.

Marissa’s Well-being and Health Health Coaching Services uses a highly personalized and customized approach to health coaching. This service doesn’t focus on diets or calorie counting. It’s a lifestyle-based approach that works with your unique needs. In short, Marissa’s Well-being and Health Health Coaching Services supports you to live a healthier life for the long-haul instead of grasping at short-term weight loss goals that don’t last.

Professional Background

Marissa’s Well-being and Health Health Coaching Services was founded by certified holistic health and nutrition coach, Marissa Vicario, a former corporate communications professional based in New York City. She experienced the same frustrating cycle of dieting and poor eating patterns with which many busy women struggle. Too much low-nutrition food and high-sugar treats caught up with her, but things changed when she decided to take control of her relationship with food. She got over her food addictions and learned to fuel her body with whole foods.


Marissa’s Well-being and Health Health Coaching Services offers one-one-one coaching, eCourses and corporate workshops for organizations looking to promote healthier food choices for their employees. Marissa’s Well-being and Health’s health coaching services is highly customized so that clients intuitively learn to listen to their body’s signals. Instead of relying on outside diets and calorie counting, she works to understand her clients’ unique situations to formulate personalized recommendations that work for them as individuals. Marissa also speaks about health and wellness at conferences and events.


The biggest benefit Marissa’s Well-being and Health offers clients is the ability to make lifelong changes to their diet and lifestyle. Working with Marissa, clients become more confident and understand themselves and their bodies in a way they never have before. The best part is that Marissa focuses on helping clients make small changes over time that add up to healthier habits that last a lifetime.


“Working with Marissa has changed so much more than my eating and exercise habits – she changed the way I think. She really honed in on my individual lifestyle needs, goals, and challenges, and works with me to continuously improve my health habits. For the first time, I can actually feel what my body is telling me and how to give it what it needs. I couldn’t even put a price on the value Marissa has given me.” Kristin-NYC


Marissa’s Well-being and Health Health Coaching Services uses a very personalized approach to health coaching so that no two client programs ever look the same. The work she does with clients to help them hone in on their individual needs and completely understand their bodies is priceless.

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