From the Ground Up Wellness: Our Comprehensive Review

by Jill

‘You are what you eat.’ How many times have you heard that saying? It’s true! Perhaps more importantly, we’re also how we eat. And why we eat. We are what we eat. When we choose what goes into our mouths, we are choosing a range of nutrients and compounds that influence not just what we look like and how much energy we have every day but we also choose compounds that affect how we think, how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with the world around us.

In the past ten years, study after study has shown that a whole-foods plant-based diet is the way to optimal health, longer life spans, and lower risks for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions plaguing modern consumers. Although it’s easy to understand that we all need to eat well, it can be very confusing: there is a lot of information out there! Where to start? This is where From The Ground Up Wellness comes in.

From The Ground Up Wellness makes the process of eating healthier not only less intimidating but also makes eating healthier fun and yummy through its recipes, nutrition services, and a vegan food delivery service. From The Ground Up Wellness offers nutrition coaching that makes the process of switching to a more health-supportive diet and lifestyle less stressful and confusing. By making the transition as smooth as possible by uncovering motivations and breaking down the barriers that can make taking care of oneself difficult, this lifestyle coaching company increases clients’ chances of sticking with their goals long-term.

From The Ground Up Wellness Background Information

The idea and principles behind From the Ground Up Wellness is based on the personal experiences of its founder, Amy Height. Amy was overweight and had self-esteem issues for a long time. Her decision to switch to a vegan and gluten-free lifestyle enabled her to find a more energetic, able physical self, and she came out of the experience happier, more fulfilled, and more confident. A graduate of the University of British Columbia, Amy built From the Ground Up Wellness to offer clients a holistic approach to prioritizing wellbeing, weight loss and mental health.

From the Ground Up Wellness Services

From The Ground Up Wellness offers clients, both vegan and non-vegans alike, nutritional coaching services that enable clients to create meal plans that are sustainable, do not take too much time, and, of course, taste delicious. Amy delivers this one-on-one coaching over the phone or through Skype. Instead of giving clients a one-size-fits-all solution or dictating to clients, Amy enables you to become your own personal nutritionist in the long-term. She lays down the groundwork, providing education and resources to allow you to fill in the details according to your food preferences and the foods available in your region. Amy also offers group nutritional coaching.

From The Ground Up Wellness also offers a meal delivery service for vegan clients in the New York City area. Offerings are very personalized and customized to each client and their health goals.

Benefits Offered By From The Ground Up Wellness

Above all else, From The Ground Up Wellness helps people who are serious about switching to a healthier lifestyle acquire the customized information they need to start making healthier food choices by taking the mystery out of eating to nourish your body. If you don’t know how to cook or don’t have the time or energy to cook, From The Ground Up Wellness’s catering services for the NYC area can be an easy, convenient, delicious way to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

From The Ground Up Wellness Testimonial:

“The past few months working [with] you have been amazing. You’ve helped us to grow so much as a family, and I’m feeling so healthy, happy, focused, and empowered. Thank you for putting us on track.”
– Laura, NYC

From The Ground Up Wellness Cost Structure

This company offers many services at many different levels. The most basic service From The Ground Up Wellness offers is an initial nutrition strategy session, including a personalized action plan and starter food outline, which lasts 75 minutes and costs $150. Personalized meal plans, which come with two one-on-one sessions, costs $400. Food delivery services start from $99 for 10 portions. Check out From The Ground Up Wellness’ website for the whole range of services and pricing this company offers.


Deciding to eat and live healthier is easy. Doing something about it can be more diffiult. From The Ground Up Wellness makes the switch to a healthier lifestyle much easier because there’s less guesswork involved. You receive the framework you need to make food choices that make sense, based on your tastes and circumstances. You don’t feel like you’re being ‘forced’ to eat well. As Amy says, it’s all about perspective: the gift of eating well is far more powerful than any obligation. Whether you need personalized coaching or nutritious meals delivered to your door, From The Ground Up Wellness will put you on the track to a healthier and happier new you.

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