Review of Collette Gee (Holistic Love Coach) / Finding Happily

by Jill

In this day and age, it seems we keep hearing the word ‘love’ so much that most of us have lost track as to what it really means. Many of us end up looking for love in all the wrong places or expecting genuine love and affection from the wrong people. Many of us in relationships often realize that our relationships are less than ideal and less than fulfilling. Too many of us feel trapped in our relationships or simply feel we are just going through the motions. Whether you’re looking for love or are already in a relationship but want more from it, Collette Gee’s love and relationship coaching services might just be what you need to get on the right track to a truly fulfilling, rewarding, and enriching love life.

Collette’s Background and Qualifications

A world-renowned author and public speaker focused on relationship issues, Collette Gee’s primary focus is to help both women and men overcome the issues that often surround modern relationships and the contemporary search for love. She is the creative dynamo of the ‘Finding Happily’ relationship and love counseling online video series. She has also written on relationship issues on the Huffington Post. Collette’s relationship and love coaching expertise grew from her work with a licensed therapist as well as extensive direct research on much of the modern relationship counseling and therapy literature available. She is a certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) as well as a specialist in violence prevention. Collette Gee helps both single individuals and couples with the issues they encounter looking for love and/or getting the most out of their relationships.

Collette’s Service Offerings

Collette’s love and relationship counseling and coaching involve the following service offerings: 1 to 1 holistic coaching, group coaching, holding relationship seminars, and keynote speeches for organizations focused on relationship issues. She offers a 90-day relationship plan for couples. She provides services over the phone or through face to face coaching.

Singles can benefit from her coaching services and seminars by helping them develop the right strategies and mindsets for attracting love. For those in relationships, they can benefit from Collete Gee by rethinking their relationships to pave the way for mutual fulfillment and greater happiness.

Here’s a short testimonial on Collette’s Coaching services, as found on her website:

“Collette is so motivating and inspirational. I know she will make an impact on many through her wisdom and experience.” – Ron Lew

Whether you have found the right person and your relationship has hit a plateau or is going through some rough waters or you are still looking for love, Collette’s love and relationship coaching can help you with solid strategies that can help you get the kind of deeply fulfilling and personally enriching love you deserve.

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