Marisa Ikpoh (Marisa Moments): Our Comprehensive Review

by Jill

It is too easy to conclude that most life coaching services involve specific psychology-based techniques and strategies that help people deal with their challenges. It is too tempting to think of life coaching as simply another form of instruction, no different from, say, a marketing seminar at work. Well, this ‘practical’ conception of life coaching and performance enhancement coaching overlooks a key element of life coaching – the spiritual dimension.

When we reduce our problems to simple matters of technique, strategy, goals, and timing, we leave a lot out. These excluded elements, elements that impact our assumptions, expectations, emotions, and attitudes, actually form the driving force behind our decisions. Think about it. The last time you made a decision, you probably thought you made a rational decision looking at cold hard facts. Chances are, you made your decision because of emotional reasons and you simply backtrack, when looking back at your decision, and cloaked your decision in rational terms. We spend an inordinate amount of time justifying many otherwise emotional or ‘based on a hunch’ decisions.

Make no mistake about it, the spiritual and emotional element of your decision making processes play a major role in how your life turns out. By focusing life coaching primarily on technical or practical terms, a lot of these ‘hunch’ or ’emotional’ decision bases are not addressed.

Focused on spiritual and emotional issues, Marisa Moments offer an alternative take on life coaching. Instead of looking at your situation as primarily a series of practical decisions, Marisa Moments’ coaching focuses on the interplay between your emotions, your rational faculties, and your spirit force in your decision making process. By clearly understanding this interplay, Marisa Moments gives you the information you need to achieve personal breakthroughs.

Professional Background

Marisa Moments is run by Marisa Ikpoh. She is a medium and clairvoyant who uses aspiration readings, intuitive readings, and picture readings to help clients understand what their issues are and identify possible solutions.


Marisa Ikpoh offers three core services: aspiration, intuitive, and picture readings. Aspiration readings focus on the goals and aspirations of clients and walks them through any ‘blockages’ or obstacles. The readings aim to guide clients to clearly seeing solutions and formulating actionable solutions after peeling away the foggy layers of false assumptions and fuzzy emotions. Intuitive readings focus on helping the client discover his or her internal wisdom. Picture readings use the medium’s connection to spirits and are conveyed via text message or online chat.

There are no fixed answers given by any Marisa Moments readings. Instead, the focus is on guiding clients to find the answers within themselves.


In many cases, we already have the answers to our challenges in us. In many cases, the answers are sitting right there in front of us. Thanks to our expectations, assumptions, and priorities, we often overlook these answers. Marisa Moments help clients dig deep inside to zero in on information they need to achieve personal breakthroughs.


“I love the feel of it. Not super heavy on the ‘perform these exercises to promote growth’, just, ‘here is my story, I hope it can in some way help you!’!” –M. Negron-Schilling (Abundance Abounds Antiques)


All services are provided on a purely donation basis. Please contact the service provider for donation guidelines and procedures.


The biggest value Marisa Moments brings to the table is that it reminds clients that there is more to them than timelines, strategies, methods, and techniques. Spirituality forms a large part of the total human makeup and cannot be ignored. To achieve that breakthrough you’ve always wanted, maybe all it takes is for you to get in touch with your spiritual aspects.

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