iNLP Center: A Complete Review (& Coupon!)

by Jill

Life coaching is a fulfilling and creative career path for anyone who naturally finds themselves leading others in pursuing positive choices in life. If you are often the “go-to” for advice on all things relationships, careers, health, and even lifestyle, life coaching is likely a perfect fit.

Becoming a life coach is easier than ever before with hundreds of online certification programs available to teach you proven techniques and strategies to bring more effective results to the people you already help. Life coaching is also a perfect career change if you are looking to pivot and take a new direction in your work while still earning a lucrative living.

If you are looking to transition into life coaching using an affordable and flexible learning path that will teach you everything you need to know, the iNLP Center Coach Training Program is one of the most attractive coaching schools on the market. This post reviews the iNLP Center and everything it has to offer.

What to Look For in a Coaching Program

To narrow down the highest quality coaching programs among the hundreds available, begin your search by leaning towards programs that are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). ICF-accredited programs are held to the gold standard of coaching education and follow specific guidelines to teach you the foundations of creating habit change.

Learning the psychology and facilitation of habit change will be the single most important skill you learn as a life coach, and the ICF regularly evaluates their accredited programs for top quality education. The iNLP Center Coach Training Program is not only accredited by the ICF, but also holds recognition from the International Association of Professional Life Coaches, the International NLP Center, and the Association of Coach Training Organizations.

This recognition makes the iNLP Center stand out among the variety of online programs along with the program’s specialty in delivering Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This modern method of training the mind to shift thought patterns goes hand-in-hand with the foundations of life coaching taught in iNLP Center certification programs.

Investment Options

The iNLP Center Coach Training Program is available in two package options. The first package is the NLP Integrated Life Coach Training, which includes three certifications: NLP Practitioner, NLP Master, and a Life Coach Certification. This package also includes a business and marketing training for coaches looking to brand themselves or start private practices, and includes unlimited access to virtual trainings online.

This self-paced course requires about 200 hours for completion and you can expect three coach evaluations to improve your techniques along the way. This package is currently priced at $2400.

The second available certification package is the NLP Integrated Life Coach Training, Full ACC Package. This package includes all above mentioned benefits and certifications of the basic life coaching package with the addition of 2 extra coach evaluations and mentorship/supervision time built in to the program. Biweekly coaching sessions and the ICF Coach Mentor Program are also bonus benefits included in this package along with the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment Prep.

This package is currently offered at $3200. Both certification packages also include a bonus hypnosis certification.

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Method of Delivery

Both iNLP life coach certification programs are entirely self-paced, and require at least 200 hours to complete. You can expect to have 100% lifetime access to all course materials, and unlimited access to each training program through the virtual classroom platform each module is delivered through.

Both package options also allow you to earn coach performance hours both during and after your training. This is incredibly beneficial as practice coaching hours are the best use of your time as you integrate what you have learned into real conversations with potential future clients and referrals. The conversations in coaching are a practiced skill you can constantly build to ensure a confident transition into accepting paid clients after your program.

Other iNLP methods of content delivery include over 25 small group training sessions where you can get live feedback from classmates and professional coach trainers as you grow into your own coaching voice.

There are also weekly webinars and training workshops along with a student-only Facebook groups for you to network and connect with other coaches-in-training. During each included coach evaluation, you will receive honest and actionable feedback to continue growing and improving as you learn new tools.


The iNLP Center Coach Training Program begins with Module 1: Introduction to Life Coaching and Your Coaching Vision. This module sets the stage for your own philosophy and brand as a coach, which will set you apart from other coaches as you discover your ideal client and the people you feel most drawn to supporting. This module is especially helpful as it helps you brand and market yourself from the start, including methods of finding your niche and standing out among competition.

The following modules include methods of creating a confident coaching mindset, which will establish you as an expert in each of your conversations and will make clients feel not only comfortable, but excited to learn from you. You’ll learn how to remove your own mental blocks as well as any obstacles that get in your clients’ way.

The next few modules will help you structure both your coaching program and each individual session you have with clients. Structuring a coaching program is especially useful in closing the deal with clients, as they will know exactly what to expect as you help them develop the roadmap to solving their own problems.

Learning how to develop a strong coaching program will also prepare you to grow in your coaching career, so you can create and innovate new programs to adjust to the market and new clients over time. Learning how to structure individual coaching sessions is equally important. This will help you navigate difficult conversations as well as conversations where you will need to lead and challenge clients to create real change.

The iNLP program will also teach you methods such as motivational interviewing and NLP techniques that will help guide these conversations and empower your clients to find their own motivation.

Towards the end of your program, you can expect modules centered around creating high-level transformation, creating clear goals with clients, and moving past challenging obstacles and mindsets that get in the way of success. Creating transformation is one of your key value propositions as a life coach, and the iNLP program dedicates plenty of content and training sessions within each module to help you make it happen.

You can also expect methods to help clients become long-term referrals and to leverage their success into creating a strong coaching business and brand. Between each module, you will be well on your way to mastering the art of coaching.

Marketing and Business Development

One of the most competitive aspects of the iNLP program is its additional modules on business strategy and marketing. Selling yourself as a coach is necessary whether you are working for yourself or for a larger organization.

This training will set you up for success by showing you how to market yourself to different stakeholders and give you the tools you need to clearly define your niche and target audience. You’ll learn how to price your coaching programs, how to take payments and set up a legitimate business, as well as ways to leverage testimonials for your growth as a coach.

You will also learn how to set clear expectations with clients and keep them accountable to their success, no matter how much previous experience you have as a business owner in the past.


The benefits of the iNLP Center Coach Training Program far outweigh any risk involved. As an ICF-Accredited training program, you can feel confident that the quality of your education is competitive and meant to help you succeed as a life coach in the long term.

The variety of topics covered in each module will help you prepare for each level of conversation you’ll have with future clients, including the initial discovery session, structured sessions, niche programs, and difficult accountability coaching. iNLP also takes care to include modules that help you coach yourself, so you can master your own accountability as a coach and move past any roadblocks that stop you from success.

Aside from providing a strong foundation of proven coaching techniques, the iNLP coaching programs are extremely affordable. Some life coach certifications range into the $10,000 range and are less accessible than iNLP.

The online and unlimited access to training can give you confidence that your information will always be available to you at each stage of your coaching career, letting you move at your own pace as you navigate this new journey. Additionally, the three bonus certifications allow you to immediately stand out among the crowd and bring niche techniques into your coaching practice, such as neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis.

Between the strong coaching foundations you will learn and the bonus trainings, evaluations, and certifications, you can feel well-prepared entering the field of coaching with an iNLP certification. From there, you can begin making a living doing work you love, all while feeling confident in yourself and the fulfilling change you can help your own clients create.

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