Dr. Hank Seitz’s Think, Feel, and Grow Rich: Our Review

by Jill

Life coaching sessions and life coaching methods can focus too much on objectives or tactics that they sometimes lead the client to miss the forest from the trees. Although being a more effective and efficient employee​/entrepreneur and hitting your production goals are great and everything, there is a bigger purpose out there. It is quite a sad commentary on the life coaching industry that sometimes it focuses so much on how to achieve something, people no longer discuss why they are setting the goals they are setting and picking the objectives they are picking.

Dr. Hank Seitz’s Think, Feel, and Grow Rich life coaching program focuses on the fundamentals of why and this forms the bedrock of the coaching process. One key philosophy Dr. ​Hank​ constantly returns to is that we are the creators of our lives.

Think, Feel, and Grow Rich’s Professional Background

After having worked for Procter & Gamble in the Southeastern U.S. for 1​5​ years, Dr. Hank Seitz has achieved quite a bit of organizational success at P&G that he decided to strike out on his own. He has been providing individual and company services for the past 18 years. However, it was his near death experience in a car accident 12 years ago that fundamentally changed Dr. Seitz’s life and life purpose. His doctors said that his neck was broken and he would be permanently disabled. To make matters worse, his injuries will also involve permanent pain.

Dr. ​Hank​ emerged from this grueling ordeal with a zeal for helping others live life to the fullest. His burning desire to help others realize that we are all the creators of our lives gave his life a new burning purpose and animates Think, Feel, and Grow Rich’s focus in providing life coaching services.

Think, Feel, and Grow Rich’s Service Offerings

Think, Feel, and Grow Rich offers life and business coaching services designed primarily for real estate agents and other sales professionals. Dr. ​Hank​ also provides guided meditation services and offers downloadable audio files that help people meditate. If you are interested in going through life coaching as a group, Seitz also offers the inner circle group coaching system, which leverages group dynamics to facilitate life coaching. Finally, this company also offers time management system training.

Think, Feel, and Grow Rich’s Benefits

One of the key factors that separates Dr. ​Hank’s​ program from other life coaching service providers is that he guarantees results in business performance. Keep in mind that these results aren’t limited to ‘feeling good’ but are actually measurable. These results involve not only your personal happiness but also your finances, relationships, and health. Although feeling good on a mental and emotional level is important, for business professionals in competitive industries, measurable results are very important and this alone makes Think, Feel, and Grow Rich worth a look.

Testimonial on Think, Feel, and Grow Rich’s Service

“Dr. Hank’s Top Performers increased our revenues from $85,000 a month to $780,000 per month. We found new opportunities to serve our customers and new strategies that have increased our employees from 7 to 18 and growing. I would recommend Dr. Hank and his process to any company wanting to increase their revenues and profits.” – Evelyn Torres, Solaris Technology

Think, Feel, and Grow Rich’s Costs

Monthly mentorship fee is $67 per month. Individualized coaching is priced ​on a monthly basis​. Pre-set meditation mp3s are $4.97 each. Personalized guided meditation is $175​.​


Dr. Hank guarantee of measurable results make this a program worth looking into. The lower cost monthly mentorship program allows first-time clients a relatively low cost way to figure out if Dr. ​Hank’s​ system fits their needs. Clients can then ramp up the service they contract, depending on the results they are getting. This modular approach as well as Dr. ​Hank’s​ compelling personal story and zeal for life coaching should make Think, Feel, and Grow Rich a compelling life coaching program to consider for individual and corporate clients alike.

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