Coach Interview Series: Jana Carrey

by Brandon

Jana Carrey

Master Intuitive Healer

Our main objective here at the National Coach Academy is to enable aspiring coaches to reach their full professional potential. One of the most effective ways to educate students about the world of coaching is by offering them a window into the world of real, practicing coaches and showing them all the different ways coaches make a difference in the lives of their clients.

We hope today’s interview adds another insightful glimpse into the dynamic world of coaching.

Today we are interviewing Jana Carrey. Jana is a Divine Feminine Teacher and Mentor, a Flower Essence Alchemist and a Master Intuitive Healer. She is the Creator of Jana Carrey Healing, bringing “Ancient Alchemy to Modern Women,” through a unique blend of intuitively channeled guidance, quantum energy healing, flower essence therapy, depth psychology and spiritual coaching. Jana mentors women in reclaiming their power and embodying their unique divine feminine essence.

You can learn more about working with her by going to or connecting with her on Instagram @janacarreyhealing.

NCA: Can you describe your coaching practice and the kinds of clients you typically work with?

Jana: My healing practice is called Jana Carrey Healing. I made a conscious choice for my business to be called Jana Carrey Healing and not Jana Carrey Coaching, as I identify myself more with the term “healer and mentor” rather than coach. Spiritual coaching is a part of what I do, but it isn’t the whole picture. I weave a number of modalities together in a unique way. You see this a lot, most healers and coaches, build up a tool kit before they are ready to begin practicing.

A big part of that choice to align with the word “Healer” over “Coach” is moving into this new paradigm where we are bringing the feminine and the masculine back into a healthier balance. I want to venerate and honor that healing – in the way that I perceive, practice and facilitate it – is about honoring the wisdom and return of the Divine Feminine. The way I work with clients is very intuitive and nonlinear (as in I work with the quantum field of energy and honor the cycles and spirals of life) and honors the feminine essence or polarity as equally as powerful as the masculine essence or polarity. I’m speaking about this in terms of polarities because I believe no matter where we identify on the gender spectrum, we all hold the masculine and feminine polarities within us.

I see myself as a Divine Feminine Leader which is essentially being a leader in the movement of helping to reclaim and bring the ways of the sacred feminine back to planet Earth, not only to help the women I work with to heal and empower themselves, but to help all of planet Earth come back from the brink of ecological collapse and “crisis” to a place of wholeness and balance. I believe we have to do that work on the inside first, in order for more external shifts to occur both as individuals and then collectively.

I’d say 90% of my clients are women. Currently, my Divine Feminine Alchemy Mentorship program is only for women. Although this may change in time, especially as more men feel the call to balance their own inner feminine with their masculine. Often when I’ve worked with men it’s because their wife or their business partner has recommended me to them. Generally, the women are called to my work first and foremost and the men come through personal recommendation. I see this as a representation of “first we reclaim and heal the divine feminine” in response to toxic masculine programming and then we welcome in the divine masculine.

I am based in Santa Monica, California but I run my business virtually and I work with a global clientele. Some of my clients come to me through word of mouth. A lot find me through the internet, social media and some come to me through pure magic. There’s no other way of identifying it other than it’s magic and it’s the Divine Feminine at work and at play.

For example, I once had a mentorship client find me after buying a new coat online and my business card was waiting for her in the pocket. That’s one of my favorite stories. They’re not all that magical. Sometimes it is more straightforward, like “My friend recommended you to me” or “I found you through an interview you did that I listened to” or “I liked and resonated with your content on Instagram.”

The way I work and the way my clients find me, runs the gamut. However, no matter how my clients find me there is always a sense of this work being deeply magical and that it is led by the Divine Feminine and is deeply aligned with Spirit. There’s always an aspect of that and that’s very important to me in terms of how I run my business. It has to be very aligned with Spirit, with my own Soul and Higher Self. This is the new paradigm of being a coach or a healer. I’m not saying that marketing and others avenues of putting out the word about your practice are not important, but it all has to be led by the Divine Feminine. It has to be connected to the heart and it can’t just be the head or the ego running the show. People are awakening too quickly and are hungry for heart-centered authenticity at the deepest level.

I don’t want to knock anything because everything has a time and a purpose, but older school ways of marketing and selling haven’t worked for me. I have to lead with my own Divine Feminine in running my business, because at the CORE I am in the Love Business. The Business of returning us all back to living from love. As I do that, I’m also a leader and a model for this new way of operating in the world.

Additionally, my work is also about embodiment. Another word for embodiment is somatic healing or coaching and reconnecting with the wisdom of the body is also part of the return of the Divine Feminine. Part of my work is about helping women to come back to the body and to feel safe and fully at home in their bodies. Often this comes with healing trauma, healing the wounds of our ancestors, so that we actually feel safe to be powerful in both a feminine and masculine way, which is not the old hierarchical toxic masculine competitive model of power over another. I am speaking about knowing the infinite power of your soul and of love and of remembering that that is who you are. You do not need to be a people pleaser, to caretake everyone at the expense of yourself or a doormat, which is something a lot of women have been conditioned to be. Connecting with the creative power of your womb, feeling free to use your voice, learning to set healthy boundaries – all of this comes into my work – which is particularly relevant for women.

Part of the Divine Feminine power is being very vulnerable, embodied and really walking your talk. I have to take myself through the deepest of healing before I’m able to hold space for my clients in that capacity, which means I’ve had to go into my core wounds and face my own darkest shadows, and source the love within myself to heal, time and time again.

NCA: In working with your clients, what would you say is the most rewarding part of that process and on the flip side of that, what is the most challenging aspect of the work that you do?

Jana: I don’t want to say all of my clients, but about 30-40% of my clients (women and men) are recovering from some sort of sexual abuse or trauma. Helping women move through and heal those wounds is a big part of how women become more empowered. To that end, I focus a lot with women on womb work, which is also known energetically as the second or sacral chakra. That’s really the seat of our creative power. This work is layered, it’s deep, and what I have found is that even if women aren’t holding that trauma from their lifetime, even if they aren’t overcoming some kind of sexual abuse or rape that happened to them, then they’re holding it intergenerationally from their ancestors and their mothers. Our wombs hold the cellular memories of our ancestors, at least 7 generations back.

We are living in a time on a planet when it has resurfaced that many people have faced some sort of abuse or trauma, whether it is emotional, mental, physical or sexual abuse. We saw it with the #MeToo movement. Abuse is an epidemic on our planet and that’s part of my larger life path or life’s work, to put an end to abuse period. To help all women to feel empowered enough to say no to any form of abuse. I like to teach clients about having a Zero Tolerance policy when it comes to abuse. Healing abuse, particularly of a sexual nature, can get tricky and it can be slippery, shadowy work. I have seen clients can have a lot of resistance to slowing down and moving through those wounds because they can be buried under a lot of toxic shame and guilt.

Holding a strong container for the women in my mentorship program and that work with me has challenged me and grown me. In order to be ready to facilitate this kind of deep, profound healing work, I had to go through layers of deep shadow work including emotional abuse and healing from being date raped in college as well, just to be completely transparent.

Part of the Divine Feminine power is being very vulnerable, embodied and really walking your talk. I have to take myself through the deepest of healing before I’m able to hold space for my clients in that capacity, which means I’ve had to go into my core wounds and face my own darkest shadows, and source the love within myself to heal, time and time again. This work takes courage and I honor that. I would never expect a client to go to a place emotionally that I hadn’t first gone. This is what enables me to be a very compassionate mentor and a guide. Part of the magic, is I seem to attract the very clients who are walking through what I have already walked through and embodied.

It’s like the hero’s journey or the heroine’s journey. That’s why I like to call my work alchemy. Emotional alchemy is also at the root of my work. A big part of it is the emotional healing because a lot of my clients are energetically sensitive, empathic, intuitive. They already have a lot of the Divine Feminine gifts and it’s helping them to navigate that process as well, of remembering that their sensitivities and emotional wounds are actually the places where they will find their superpowers. It’s like going into the darkness and taking that gross, dense matter – the shit of life – and then turning it into gold. Your Soul’s Gold, so to speak.

NCA: I see on your website you have flower essence alchemy sessions and it says on your front page that you practice flower essence therapy. Can you talk a little bit more about what that means in case it sparks an interest in some coaches reading this that may be interested in this line of work?

Jana: Before I go into the flower essences, I want to say that my background comes from years of clinical psychology therapy training. I think this will be of benefit to those who read this article, so that is why I am sharing it. Part of how I learned to hold a strong container for my healing and coaching clients is through my training. I have Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctorate level training in Clinical, Counseling and Social Psychology. I did not complete my doctorate program, I dropped out during my first year. When Trump was elected president, it was a wakeup call for me. I realized at my core that I couldn’t sit in academia for five years hiding out, researching and writing a dissertation. I knew in my bones it was time to launch my healing business and start practicing this work now.

The more traditional psychology training I got, the more I started to realize that there was a lot of bureaucratic nonsense that I was going to get hung up with if I stayed in my doctorate program. I am grateful for all the training I received, it plays a huge role in my work, but finally it hit me that, “I don’t need a doctorate. I don’t need to keep getting one more fancy title after another to be able and qualified to do this work.” In essence, I had to start before I felt ready.

Some of my clients have been therapists who wanted to switch into spiritual coaching, because they have intuitive gifts and alternative modalities of practicing and they felt limited by “licensure” and the more traditional psychology route. The traditional world of psychology or therapy has actually failed a lot of people or it hasn’t been able to meet them as unique, authentic individuals. When I was going through my spiritual awakening, I realized I had to find mentors with gifts and training that went beyond traditional therapists for support in my journey. I had deeply empathic intuitive and psychic healing gifts that were re-awakening and some therapists did not know how to meet me there. That’s where I had to find my own tools and seek additional mentors like somatic coaches, shamanic healers and flower essence therapists.

I share all of this to remind readers that an important part of being a strong coach — is continuing to do your own personal development work, going through a coaching certification program or getting licensed as a therapist is not enough. You have to really embody the wisdom of the work you are going to talk clients through in this new paradigm of coaching and healing.

Ok, back to flower essences. Flower essences are liquid, bio-energetic remedies derived from living flowers. They are made by encoding the energetic imprint of a flower or plant in water. Flower essences are encoded with the universal healing intelligence of the plant spirits themselves, which helps humans to heal emotional and energetic blockages in the seven major chakras or “energy centers” of the body. Each Flower Essence offers the wisdom of what a particular flower has learned in its evolutionary journey here on earth, which has become encoded in the plants’ DNA over lifetimes. Remember, flowers and plants are living beings that have been on the Earth long before humans evolved. Thus, there is a flower or plant that has successfully tackled just about every problem that people confront during our lifetimes. Just as every human or animal has a unique soul or “divine essence,” every flower, plant and tree also has a unique “divine essence.” When you take a flower essence, you are connecting directly with the intelligence of that flower. Making flower essences a beautiful way to receive the abundant wisdom and divine feminine healing energy of Mother Earth (Gaia).

Flower essences are an ancient healing modality that have been used for centuries in many indigenous cultures for healing, ritualistic ceremony and spiritual development. More recently, Flower Essence Therapy was reintroduced into modern Western culture in the early 1900s by a British physician and homeopath named Dr. Edward Bach. You may be familiar with the “Bach Remedies” or perhaps have taken “Rescue Remedy” for stress without realizing that these were flower essences!

Flower Essences are a completely safe and sustainable form of natural plant medicine. There are generally no contraindications in taking them. They can be used alongside any other medications, herbs or supplements you are taking. They come in small dropper bottles, often as a single essence or as a combination formula that you take under the tongue, similar to herbal tinctures. They often get confused with essential oils but they are not essential oils. Flower essences are generally taken internally like homeopathic remedies or herbal tinctures.

Although flower essences can do a number of things, their wheelhouse or their specialty is really helping us to heal at the level of the emotional body. I like to call them “nature’s vitamins for the emotions.” They’re really good with assisting women with the womb work, because the flower is the sexual, reproductive part of the plant. I have found them as a valuable tool for healing the core wounds of the feminine such as trauma lodged in the pelvis / womb / reproductive organs and trauma lodged in the throat. Flower essences also help us with embodiment, with helping to release trauma, so that we can come more into living in our body and feeling safe.

It’s a form of plant spirit medicine, but it’s going to help you make shifts and changes much more subtly. Flower essences do it in a gentle way so that you can be taking an essence throughout the month and helping you make these deep, profound shifts in a way that you can keep living your everyday life. I find flower essences to be beautiful, powerful and gentle compliment to the emotional alchemy, energy healing and divine feminine mentorship work that I do with my clients.

If you’d like more information on the services Jana offers, here is some additional information on her Intuitive Healing Sessions as well as her Flower Essence Alchemy Sessions:

Intuitive Healing Sessions are 1:1 private sessions that are a unique combination of channeled intuitive (psychic) guidance, quantum energy healing and practical spiritual coaching. You can ask questions about any aspect of your life – from health, to relationships, to life transitions, to career – no topics are off limits to Source Consciousness! These sessions are multidimensional, dynamic and co-creative! I work with your past-parallel lives, your Higher Self/Soul and our combined Spirit Guide Team to not only bring you CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY about your life but to ALSO EMPOWER YOU to trust your own intuition. What makes these sessions even more dynamic is that I bring through energy healing to assist you in removing energetic blocks so you can actually TAKE those next aligned steps based on the guidance you receive. Clients report that these sessions are magically clarifying and also powerfully healing, clearing stagnation, frustration &/or confusion that has been around for years or even lifetimes. The Intuitive Healing Sessions are available in 60, 90 and 30-minute intervals and are offered remotely with clients all across the world through Zoom or on the phone.

Flower Essence Alchemy Sessions are 1:1 private sessions that are a unique blend of flower essence therapy, intuitively channeled (psychic) guidance, quantum energy healing and emotional alchemy. Flower essence alchemy sessions facilitate deep and lasting results that could take years with more traditional coaching or talk therapies alone. These sessions support you in reaching TOTAL EMOTIONAL FREEDOM including transforming core wounds and releasing old limiting beliefs, ancestral trauma, familial conditioning, addictive and co-dependent patterning so that you can make more empowered choices in all areas of your life. The deeper intention of flower essence alchemy is embodying the highest version of yourself, living life fully in the present moment without old conditioning or the wounded parts of yourself running the show. After your flower essence alchemy session, you will receive your own customized flower essence elixir – tailored to your unique constitution and what you require support with, sent to you in the mail. For best results, it is recommended that clients start with 3 Flower Essence Alchemy sessions, booked once per month for three months, discounted package rates are available after our first session.

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