Who Are The Best Coaches In The World?

by Guest Author

The best coaches in the world serve their clients with an extraordinary level of commitment.  The best coaches in the world come from a place of being the best. They may not literally be the best in the world, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is how they show up for their clients.  Beyond coming from that place of being, the best coaches in the world share five defining attributes: (1) curiosity, (2) courage, (3) confidence, (4) presence, and (5) trusted intuition.

Have you ever engaged in a conversation with someone who was genuinely interested in something you were doing?  It’s a different conversational experience, isn’t it? By contrast, have you ever engaged in a conversation where the other person was totally uninterested in what you were discussing?  That’s a completely deflating experience, right? The best coaches in the world show up for their clients with a genuine curiosity about who their clients are, what they are up to, how they see the world, what their dreams are, and what’s holding them back.

It’s not always easy to say the things clients need to hear most.  Many times coaches will hear a client speaking from a place of limitation and excuses, and not face the real issue head on.  It’s easier to dance around the excuses and limits, or even avoid them altogether, rather than to step powerfully into the moment and say something like “I don’t believe you. Those are all excuses and limiting stories. If you really wanted to do X, you would do it. So tell me what’s really going on?”  We rob our clients of service when we lack the courage to speak the truth. The best coaches in the world lose the people-pleaser and step up courageously to truly serve their clients.

The best coaches in the world are confident in themselves and in their clients.  This makes an enormous difference. Think about how it feels when someone says to you “I believe in you” while nervously laughing, compared to when someone looks you dead in the eyes with a straight face and boldly states: “I believe in you. I know with every fiber of my being that you can do this.”  The best coaches in the world are authentically confident in their and their clients’ abilities, and that confidence accelerates and amplifies insight, breakthroughs, and transformation.

Miracles happen when coaches are fully present for their clients and trust their intuition/higher consciousness with complete faith.  If we are busy checking emails or staring into space while our clients share with us about their lives, we could miss an opportunity to change our client’s life.  The best coaches in the world listen like it’s the last voice they’ll ever hear, and trust, without a shadow of a doubt, where their intuition guides the journey.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but it certainly includes core coaching attributes exemplified by the best coaches in the world.  Above all else, the best coaches in the world come from a place of service and love.

Guest Post by Stephen Sainato, Esq.
Coach, Attorney, Entrepreneur, Tap Dancer, Believer

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