When Emotional Wounds and Unmet Needs are Unhealed

by Shara Ogin

The mind and the body are one and the same…at least at a deep cellular level that is.

Every hurt, every pain, every twinge of anger or fear affects the contraction of our muscles, the flow of our blood, our hormonal balance, and so much more. The body keeps a fascinating memory (or imprint) of such states.

All of us have hundreds if not thousands of imprints before even the age of one. After all, we mirrored and modeled the behaviors of those around us, and then encoded this information into our cells.

Perhaps we encoded daddy looking away to mean “I’m unworthy of attention from a man.” Or being scolded for walking in the house with shoes means, “I just can’t do anything right.”

And now as adults looking for love, we somehow seem to keep playing that same scratched record over and over again, whether it be while looking for love, career or elsewhere. The pattern persists and gives us the same feelings of rejection or unworthiness, again and again.

Yet here’s the good news, it’s not your fault! It’s your imprints! And so much can be used to shift them. I’m living proof of this!

We may not have conscious memory of where these imprints came about or truly even know they are there until we do the deep investigative work…into the psyche that is.

This is the nature of the work I do, and where I shine the light of focus in my healing work. At the root. As a clairvoyant and a coach, I have the ability to see into the subconscious of a person, beyond what the layperson has the capacity to see.

In my book, Unlocking the Body’s Wisdom; Accessing Your Healing Powers from Within, I discuss numerous processes to alter limiting beliefs and reintegrate with all the parts of yourself which felt discarded or unloved. And in my book as well as numerous DVDs and free YouTube videos I have strategies for releasing such states of tension and reclaiming a happier, more aligned, and peaceful you!

When emotional wounds and unmet needs are unhealed, they will over time present themselves in the body…and in less than desirable ways. That’s why it’s crucial we do this deep inner healing work now…before the disease, diagnosis, and illness creep in.

We as adults (or at least most of us in the self-help world), are on a quest. A quest to heal these inner wounds that have been present for so long and are calling out louder for our help and attention.

And as we do this monumental work, we become more aligned with our self-concept and the truth of who we are.

Shara Ogin works as an intuitive coach (clairvoyant + life coach) and is most passionate about helping women to remove those invisible blocks and barriers that stand in the way of them accessing their fullest potential and desire.

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