Portal for Healing (Jari Pohankova): Our Comprehensive Review

by Jill

The best thing about the current market of life coaching service providers is diversity. Since people have mental, emotional, rational, subconscious, conscious, physical, and spiritual sides, the market for this specialize service necessarily reflects the different needs life coaching clients have. Personal unhappiness, frustration, and anxiety aren’t just traced to conscious and rational decisions. They can’t be restricted to purely emotional or mental sources. In many cases, they have a spiritual root. This is where spirituality-based coaching service providers like Portal of Healing come in.

Portal of Healing works with clients to get them to become reacquainted with their spiritual aspect. This aspect of the human condition involves achieving inner peace, an abiding sense of well-being, and personal wholeness. Human beings are complex organisms that blows away whatever complexity the most finely tuned computer or machine may have. A large part of this complexity is the interplay between our spiritual aspect and everything else about us. Portal of Healing helps clients realign their spiritual aspect to help them them achieve balance and a sense of personal calm and peace.


The person behind this service is Jari Pohankova. She is a spiritual counselor and healer. An Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, she is spiritual teacher versed in A Course in Miracles and is a meditation trainer. She holds an Education Master’s Degree and is a staffer at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital as a psychiatric registered nurse. She facilitates therapy groups as part of her job.


One-on-one coaching: This service includes life coaching and spiritual counseling. Portal of Healing works with clients to free them from the cycle of self-sabotage, guilt, and pain that keep them from achieving their fullest potential. This service also helps clients identify their lives’ purpose and map out the steps they need to turn their personal potential into a living reality. Clients are also coached to achiever a higher level of clarity, build confidence, and get on the road to creativity and fulfillment.


The healing offered by Portal of Healing centers on dissolving the thoughts and toxic ideas that keep clients trapped in an endless cycle of negativity, frustration, and guilt. This service helps people become unstuck and start dreaming again. Individuals dealing with creative blocks or creative dry spells also stand to benefit from tapping their spiritual potential to reach higher levels of personal creativity and imagination.


When it comes to unlocking one’s full potential, people have to look at themselves as complete beings. By necessity this involves acknowledging our spiritual and subconscious aspects in addition to our rational, conscious, mental, psychological, and emotional sides. Otherwise, we risk operating at less than full power. Portal of Healing helps individuals identify and dissolve spiritual blockages that prevent them from tapping their full inner potential.

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