Grief Coaching: Our Comprehensive Review

by Jill

Loss. Who hasn’t experienced it in their lives? If you’re like most people, you probably have experienced loss more than once in your life. Just like with most things in life, different people respond to loss differently. Coping mechanisms are as varied as the people who experience loss. One common response to loss, though, involves grief. Grief is natural. Grief is often automatic. However, how one manages grief can significantly influence how quickly a person gets over grief.

In many cases, responding to grief is like trying to pinch a balloon. No sooner have you pushed one end of a balloon when the other end of the balloon swells up. Sadly, many people don’t realize that grief works the same way in their lives if they deal with it in an improper or unhealthy way. Addictions, emotional issues, and less than optimal lifestyle choices often result from our unconscious efforts at coping with grief. Professional grief counselor, Pauline Laurent’s, grief coaching site, Grief Coaching, helps individuals identify the influence of grief in their lives as well as coaching them toward more positive resolutions.

Grief Coaching Professional Background

Pauline Laurent is the professional grief counselor behind the service site, Grief Coaching. She is a certified Co-active Coach by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), one of the largest coach training programs in the world. She has many years of solid educational experience and has studied extensively in the fields of spirituality and psychology.

Most importantly, Pauline Laurent brings personal experience to her work as a professional grief counselor. Shortly after getting married, she lost her husband to the Vietnam War and she has spent many years grappling with the consequences of her grief and loss. She has gone through many healing paths as she sought to address the impact this loss had on her personal, emotional, and spiritual life. From meditation to a 12 step program, Pauline brings the solid empathy only experience can bring to her grief coaching sessions.

Grief Coaching Service Offerings

Pauline Laurent’s grief coaching services don’t just involve helping clients work through their feelings of denied grief. Her coaching practice also helps individuals cope with addiction issues, codependent relationships, mid-life transition issues, and face attention deficit disorder. Instead of focusing on canned answers, Pauline helps clients confront specific issues like ‘what now?’ and come up with their own personal answers, answers that make sense in their situation and lead to progress.

Grief Coaching Benefits

Individuals who have used Pauline Laurent’s coaching services benefit by having a kindred spirit walk with them through their issues. Far from a top-down, outside-in service, Grief Coaching delivers personal coaching on a level that is emotionally open, not intimidating, non-judgmental, and aims to tap the client’s creativity to produce workable practical solutions.

Grief Coaching testimonial

“You bring new meaning to me, of love and trust, hope and belief, in myself. You truly are a container for the possibilities… for my realizing and maximizing my potential. You are so genuine that I cannot run away from myself and I thank you for that.” – Donna L.

Grief Coaching Cost

This company’s service package starts with four one-hour phone consultations at a package rate of $500 per month. Most clients sign on to a multi-month schedule to maximize coaching effectiveness.


If you are dealing with grief, addiction, ADD issues, and other personal issues and you need someone who has gone through what you’ve gone through, contact Pauline Laurent today. Her experiences, her personal story, as well as her methods, ensure that you’ll receive the kind of highly personal coaching you need to help you tap into your inner personal reserves of strength and wisdom and come out a better person.

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