Confidence In Relationships

by Guest Author

Confidence is a key factor in any relationship. When all parties involved in a relationship are confident in themselves, the relationship itself becomes an infinitely strong bond. Confidence is important in any relationship to allow trust and personal growth, acceptance of individual qualities and characteristics and the ability to discard negative feelings from the past.

When the parties in a relationship trust each other, they allow themselves to grow and develop their own interests while allowing themselves to openly share these interests with others. Having the self-confidence necessary to pursue exciting opportunities and interests also gives them the courage to share their experiences with their partners. For example, a personal friend joined a local team sport. This friend’s romantic partner, who lacked self-confidence, found himself becoming jealous and began retreating from team activities. He also isolated himself from the others at team events if he attended them. The two eventually grew apart and the relationship ended. If both partners in the relationship had the self-confidence necessary to trust each other, the relationship would have been able to continue on a successful and stable path.

Confidence is extremely vital to the acceptance of personal qualities, ideas and attitudes of others. When someone is confident within themselves, they can more readily listen to the thoughts and ideas of others and open themselves up to learn from them. Having had personal experience with someone who was unable to accept ideas and attitudes of others is something I personally learned from. The other person in the relationship was closed to all thoughts and ideas I had presented and made me doubt myself and my potential. I became afraid to be who I was with this person and felt inferior. When I finally realized what the lack of self-confidence in the other person was doing to me, I ended the relationship. The overall presence of self-confidence can eliminate fear and self-doubt and allow all parties in the relationship to openly accept each other as they are.

Having all parties in a relationship possess the confidence to ignore negativity from past relationships is important in creating a positive environment for the present. The inability to overcome negative feelings or traumatic memories from the past does not allow the relationship to grow and thrive. The presence of past ill feelings can project themselves onto the present situation and create feelings of doubt and anxiety. If confidence is abundant in the relationship, doubt, jealousy and suspicion are easily avoided. In this way, the success of the partnership is almost guaranteed.

Relationships come in several forms. There are friendships, business or work partnerships and romantic relationships just to name a few. All of these types of relationships require confidence among the parties to keep the team dynamic strong and healthy. Confidence and a strong team dynamic is vital to the parties in order to maintain their individual identities, and at the same time allow themselves to contribute thoughts, feelings and ideas to the relationship without fear or apprehension. When there is ample confidence, a strong bond is easily maintained between all parties and the relationship will be resilient for all time.

Rosita Szatkowska

Online Confidence Coach and Best-Selling Author

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