Coach Interview Series: Jillian Holper

by Brandon

Jillian Holper

Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

Our main objective here at the National Coach Academy is to enable aspiring coaches to reach their full professional potential. One of the most effective ways to educate students about the world of coaching is by offering them a window into the world of real, practicing coaches and showing them all the different ways coaches make a difference in the lives of their clients.

We hope today’s interview adds another insightful glimpse into the dynamic world of coaching.

Today we are interviewing Jillian Holper. Jillian is a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and published author. She is the owner of EleMental Healing & Coaching based in Tempe, Arizona.

NCA: Can you describe your coaching practice and the kinds of clients you typically work with?

Jillian: As an experienced and Trauma-informed Empowerment Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I work with the Conscious and Subconscious Mind to remove, resolve and reprogram the disempowering effects that have been a result of various experiences; to rewire those programs allowing them to become more empowering and beneficial. Whether it’s struggling with shifting from anxiety or depression, fears or traumas, self-worth or bad habits, etc., we address those neurological programs that keep our processing in the disempowering loops. Working with predominantly women and children, we gently and deeply reprogram the mind, by using its own innate intelligence, so that it travels down circuits which create empowering thoughts, feelings, behaviors, habits, and decisions.

I am also a published author in the Internationally Best-Selling collaborative book Inspirations and offer individual “deep-dive” sessions, trainings, workshops, and group coaching and hypnotherapy. Being that each session is tailored to the client, they can vary quite a bit. This being said, both my specialty and passion are in doing “rootwork” so that we can clear out what’s creating the limitation. This creates the space for each client to become empowered and be more present to their abilities — thereby allowing them to move forward in an empowered way, with far more ease and confidence.

NCA: What initially got you interested in this career path and what kind of degree or certifications did you need to complete, if any?

Jillian: My journey started in 2003 as a 20-year old pregnant mom. I got in a very serious motor vehicle accident – nearly losing my life and having to learn to walk again. Throughout the process, I experienced a series of complications and miracles. I learned of and experienced the miraculous power we have to shift our experiences with mindset. From that point on, I knew I was passionate about supporting people to understand the power of the mind to heal various traumas.

Since completing the first portion of both a Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy program five years ago, I have been doing just that. Upon starting my practice, I realized that the vast majority of what people show up with is trauma, and sought to get additional certifications. This included Advanced Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, various Trauma certifications including Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma, Hypnosis for Children and Teens, and more. My practice and approach specializes in anxiety, depression, fear, PTSD, and problem habits – as well as working part-time for a 501.c3 Corporation supporting survivors of domestic abuse.

NCA: What is the most rewarding part of your career?

Jillian: In a word, Empowerment. I quickly realized that effective coaching, for me, was not about telling my clients what to do but instead drawing out their own innate intelligence. From that space, I believe anything and everything can be possible! This approach has allowed me to hold the space for more transformation and miracles than I could’ve imagined! Best of all, I get to witness each client stepping into their own empowerment. I have heard it said that a true teacher or healer doesn’t create the most followers – they create the most teachers/healers. I would say my deepest rewards come from having the awesome blessing of bearing witness to the transformation one can have simply by connecting with their inner knowing – day in and day out!

I don’t know a single successful coach or practitioner who felt they were truly prepared to start a business when they started out. It is human to have doubts

NCA: What is the most challenging aspect of the work that you do?

Jillian: I would have to say that early on, learning the best ways to always show up in 100% integrity & authenticity was far more of a journey than I anticipated. As a practitioner and entrepreneur, this was quite different from my previous jobs/career. This work is a huge part of who I am and therefore is not something I turn on or off. Because of that, I have to work very mindfully to balance my home, personal, spiritual, and work life because when one of these isn’t being honored, it can throw off everything else. From the start, I realized the incredible importance of showing up at 100%, and because of that, I initially spent a great deal of time having to balance my home and family life with my practice. For me, the balance was in working less so I could experience more harmony with my commitments and desires outside of work.

All in all, it has been the most meaningful journey I can imagine, and I wouldn’t change a second of it. It has become such an integral part of all aspects of who I am.

NCA: Can you think of mentor who was most vital to your success as a coach? In what ways did this mentor help you to thrive in your career?

Jillian: There have been a handful of integral people in my practice. Regarding coaching specifically, I would have to say the most instrumental mentor I have had would have to be my Life Coach Instructor and mentor, Richard Seaman (founder of Seattle Life Coaching Training). During my time as a student, there were so many lessons, tools, and so much wisdom he imparted on me. During my time as a practitioner, he has served a vital role as a mentor and coach – challenging, encouraging, celebrating, pushing, and inspiring me both personally and professionally. I am undoubtedly both a better coach and individual thanks to his example and wisdom!

NCA: Finally, what advice would you give someone looking to get started in the career path that you chose?

Jillian: Do the work and be consistent. My journey has shown me that most of our learning, success, and growth happens in developing our practice. I don’t know a single successful coach or practitioner who felt they were truly prepared to start a business when they started out. It is human to have doubts, and if you are having a hard time with them, then get a session around that. All the effective coaches and practitioners I know of practice what they preach.

We have all heard the phrase “practice makes perfect.” My invitation would be to practice practice practice. The more you practice, the more you will realize your worth and the more wisdom you will gain. And the more you will grow as an individual. Of course, it is important to know your limitations and if a client’s need is beyond your scope of practice refer out for now. But if you keep practicing, you will get there, and one day, you will be the experienced specialist that other coaches/practitioners are referring out to!

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